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Andy Nguyen

Andy Nguyen has been an indie game development for over 7 years. He started his career as a designer and level designer for Monaco: What's Yours is Mine. Andy would later work as a producer and designer for Tooth and Tail. During this time, Andy was recognized for pioneering development oriented communication by Discord, which would later become a staple of Discord's platform. In 2017, Andy joined Ryan Clark at Brace Yourself Games. Andy is currently the project lead on Industries of Titan.


Bahiyya Khan

Bahiyya Khan is a Muslim South African who is currently doing her Masters in Experimental Storytelling. She makes video games about things that she thinks are important and wants people to think about. She writes poems and loves to read and dance and baby animals. She also teaches 7 million things at her university.


Bryce Johnson

Bryce Johnson has been designing accessible experiences for over 15 years. Recently working on the assistive technologies on the Xbox One, including Copilot, and as a core member of the Xbox Adaptive Controller team. Bryce recently transitioned to the Product User Research team, where he will work to ensuring all Microsoft devices are designed and built to be inclusive.



Ty Taylor

Ty Taylor is a Seattle-based independent game designer, engineer, and producer. He’s the creator of the award-winning puzzle games ‘The Bridge’ (2013) and ‘Tumblestone’ (2016), both of which have launched on basically every modern platform. He’s currently working on ‘DualJoy’, a rhythmic bullet-hell that’s launching when it’s finished.


Erik Johnson

Erik Johnson is one of the developers of Life Goes On: Done to Death, an award winning puzzle-platformer available on Steam, the Playstation 4, and the Nintendo Switch. Through the process of creating the game and bringing it to market, Erik has developed an interest in market analysis that may border on the obsessive. He is passionate about understanding what it takes to find commercial success in the indie space. He has a MSc in Computing Science from the University of Alberta, where he studied Graph Theory and Complexity Theory — topics that unfortunately have little relevance to game development. He has also completed 100% of the achievements in TIS-100.


Gabby DaRienzo

Gabby DaRienzo is the co-founder and art director of Laundry Bear Games — the Toronto-based independent games studio behind A Mortician's Tale. Prior to making games, Gabby worked as a graphic designer with marketing teams for various games studios, and has since moved to developing games both personally and for other indies (most recently: Celeste, Parkitect, and Graceful Explosion Machine). At Laundry Bear, Gabby now takes on both roles as game developer and marketer.


Greg Lobanov

Greg is an indie game designer from Philadelphia, USA who now resides in Vancouver. He's been making whimsical adventure games in Game Maker for many years, characterized by vivid rainbow colors and charming little stories. Now he thinks he's some kind of hotshot who can deliver a summit talk.


Justin Ma

Designer and artist, Justin Ma formed Subset Games with Matthew Davis in 2011. They have released two games so far: FTL: Faster than Light in 2012 and Into the Breach in 2018. 



Kathryn Hymes

Kathryn Hymes is 50% of Thorny Games, a San Francisco studio that makes tabletop and live action games about language and cryptography. In the past, she did a lot of math. In the present, she plays games, designs games and spreads the good word about RPG. As a designer, she has deeply explored how language can be an engaging mechanic for play. She is a co-host of the Game Design Round Table podcast and a 2016 GenCon Industry Insider. Apart from games, Kathryn owns a theremin and plays it badly.


Natalie Lawhead

Nathalie Lawhead (alienmelon) began as a net-artist in the late 90's, early 00's, and has been making experimental interactive art ever since. Their work explores the unconventional, surrealist, abstract, comedic, and often absurd. They are most known for "Everything is going to be OK" and Tetrageddon Games.


Robbie Fraser

Robbie Fraser is a South African designer, programmer and indie. He is very stoked to be working with his cool friends at Cape Town based studio Free Lives where he recently released his latest commercial game Genital Jousting. Robbie is a strong believer in being positive, being proud of your friends, and making things!


Yifat Shaik


Yifat is a game designer and artist working on creating autobiographical games and subversive art. A Master of Design graduate of OCAD University, she is currently a professor of game design and 3D modeling at York University. Yifat organized of Different Games in Toronto, is co-director of Dames Making Games and is currently working on The Mattress of St. Dundas, a game about gentrification in Toronto and The Medium is the Message, a series of small games which are done in nontraditional game engines.