Speakers 2017

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Em Halberstadt

Em works as a sound designer at A Shell in the Pit Audio on various indie games. These include Night in the Woods, Wandersong, Ikenfell, and Fantastic Contraption, among others. She enjoys capturing everyday sounds and transforming them into something whimsical.


Jerry Belich

Jerry Belich is a game designer, inventor, storyteller, and professor! He created the award winning Choosatron and is passionate about hardware, electronics, and code to create immersive experiences. Through ongoing professional work, such as a high tech escape room or disturbing dental VR experience, he brings industry lessons to his game design students, encouraging multidisciplinary design thinking in a complex creative field.


Jesse Ringrose

Jesse Ringrose is a programmer, game designer, and co-founder of RAC7 Games, a two person studio based in Vancouver. Originally from Squamish, he's been making games as a hobby for the past 17 years and professionally for the past 5. Games he's worked on include Dark Echo and the Apple Design Award winning Splitter Critters.


Jord Farrell

Jord Farrell, known on the internet as MrTedders, has created
hundreds of games over the past couple years. He's been active in the
community through teaching, writings, and assisting at various events.
Through all this, he's constantly pushing what he's capable of doing
through games.


Kelly Wallick

Kelly Wallick is the founder and President of the Indie MEGABOOTH – a showcase that brings indie games into the heart of conferences previously dominated by AAA budgets and an initiative that works to create support networks for small development teams. The Indie MEGABOOTH works with hundreds of game studios across multiple global showcases per year, including industry events such as the Game Developers Conference and E3, along with their first ever co-organized indie convention with BitSummit in Kyoto, Japan.  She’s involved in local community building along with creating cross community networks and acts as an advocate for indie developers with platform holders, distributors, publishers and press.  With her appointment as chairperson of the Independent Games Festival she's expanded her role to include the professional industry event dedicated to encouraging innovation in game development and recognizing the best independent game developers each year.


Leighton Gray

Leighton Gray is an illustrator, comic artist, and the co-creator/co-writer/art director of Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator, a dating sim where you play as a Hot Dad trying to meet and romance other Hot Dads.



Matthew Marteinsson

Matthew Marteinsson has been a sound designer in games since 2003 and has been with Klei Entertainment since 2011. He’s also a co-host of the podcast Beards, Cats, And Indie Game Audio that covers various game audio topics each month with an indie focus.


Tommy Refenes

Tommy Refenes was born way before fidget spinners were a thing and has collected snap bracelets and magic cards in his lifetime. Much later in life he made a video game called Super Meat Boy and is now working on the sequel, Super Meat Boy Forever. He also once saw Keenan and Kel at a Planet Hollywood...they were nice. 


Tanya X. Short

Tanya X. Short is the Director and lead designer of Kitfox Games, a small studio in Montreal, Canada, responsible for Shattered Planet, Moon Hunters, and The Shrouded Isle. She co-edited Procedural Generation in Game Design (2017, CRC Press) with Tarn Adams of Dwarf Fortress. In her free time, she acts as co-director and co-founder of Pixelles, a non-profit helping women make more games.


Joel Green

Producer / Audio Director at Cloudhead Games. After helping to build both the Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises at Bioware, Joel Green fled the winters of Edmonton to explore Vancouver Island and Virtual Reality.  For the last four years he has been hacking and slashing through the many challenges of VR design with the other pioneers at Cloudhead Games.


Jose Palacios Vives

Jose studied International Relations and Political Science, later getting a specialty in Hyper-connected Systems and another in Business Management from Harvard. To this day, he has not used any of it. He worked designing PM software and developing business for 5 years until he got bored, decided games were life (games were love). He joined Kerbal Space Program’s budding dev team, and started working as Lead Producer and Designer. He went on to found Seven Headed Studios, which Valve quickly devoured. There Jose found a happy life full of game development, cat herding and general mischief.