Speakers 2016

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Nels Anderson (Firewatch)

 Nels Anderson is a game designer, most recently for Firewatch with Campo Santo. He was previously the lead designer of Mark of the Ninja at Klei Entertainment and is probably the only game developer in all of Canada that was born and raised in Wyoming. 


Robin Baumgarten (Line Wobbler)

Robin Baumgarten is a German Indie based in London, UK. After researching Artificial Intelligence in Games and working on mobile titles, he's now knee-deep involved in strange experimental hardware controllers such as Line Wobbler. He's also a keen game jammer, wannabe nomadic and photographer.


Kert Gartner (Fantastic Contraption)

Kert is a renowned indie game trailer craftsman and VFX industry veteran. He helped pioneer the creation of high quality mixed reality VR videos with the debut of the 'Fantastic Contraption' and 'Job Simulator' trailers for the HTC VIVE.

While he isn't immersed in VR, Kert is making some of the greatest indie game trailers out there working with the teams behind games like 'Nuclear Throne', 'Hotline Miami', 'Spelunky', 'FEZ', 'Broforce', 'TowerFall', and many more. In a past life, he contributed to over 25 Hollywood movies such as Superman Returns, Across the Universe, X-men III, and Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D.


Steve Swink (SCALE)

Steve Swink is an independent game designer and author based in Northern California. His current project is SCALE, a first-person reality manipulation game (www.scale-game.com). Previously, he was lead designer of Atlantis Remixed (a literacy game for high school kids at Arizona State University), game/sound designer at Flashbang Studios and, a game designer at Neversoft. Steve also wrote "Game Feel: A Game Designer's Guide to Virtual Sensation."


Ryan Clark (Crypt of the NecroDancer)

A veteran independent game developer, Ryan Clark has been creating award winning games since 2004, including Crypt of the NecroDancer, IncrediBots, Professor Fizzwizzle, and many more. With weekly game industry analysis streams on Twitch, frequent speaking engagements, detailed Gamasutra articles, and numerous volunteer roles, Ryan is heavily involved in the independent games community.


Marc ten Bosch (Miegakure)

Marc ten Bosch is an independent game designer based in San Francisco. He is currently working on the award-winning Miegakure, a game where you explore a world with four dimensions of space instead of our usual three.


Zach Gage (SpellTower)

Zach Gage is a game designer, programmer, educator, and conceptual artist from New York City. His work often explores the powerful intersection of systems and social dynamics, through both interrogating existing systems in digital spaces, and framing entirely new systems through games. He is best known for SpellTower, Ridiculous Fishing, and Lose/Lose.


 Claris Cyarron (Silverstring Media)

Claris Cyarron is a nerdy cutie who loves architecture, design, storytelling, games, art history, and music. She dances with them in a moonlit garden and she writes about them when they collide. Claris is the co-founder of Silverstring Media, a small experimental studio which provides weird digital art, queer stories, and creative expertise. She is also the creative director of Memory Insufficient, an online design magazine specializing in feature-length explorations of interactive art and digital architecture. 


Hugh Monahan (Stellar Jockeys)

Hugh Monahan is a designer and lead developer at Stellar Jockeys, a studio he founded in 2010. His company's first title, Brigador, recently released alongside a book and audiobook he co-wrote and edited. Prior to entering the games industry he worked as an industrial designer and illustrator, now he focuses on game design and production.


Kevin Regamey (Power Up Audio)

Kevin is Creative Director and Co-Founder at Power Up Audio, and has played a contributing role in the sound of over 300 projects throughout his career. Credits include "TowerFall Ascension", "Crypt of the NecroDancer" (IGF Finalist, Audio, 2014; GDCA Winner, Audio, 2016), "Darkest Dungeon" (IGF Finalist, Audio, 2016), as well as the cult audio puzzler "Phonopath" (IGF Finalist, Audio, 2015).


Kayla Kinnunen

Kayla is a director, producer, designer, and developer of VR games in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. She has spent over 15 years in game development including 10 years at EA and 5 years at Roadhouse Interactive. AAA, indie, console, PC, mobile, web, design, production, engineering, QA, and even IT - Kayla’s expertise is broad. A VR fan since the 90s, she is excited to explore the design space in this emerging medium.