Speakers 2015


Zach Barth (Valve)

Zach is a game designer and programmer at Valve, currently working on SteamVR. Prior to joining Valve, Zach was the creative director at the independent game studio Zachtronics, where he worked on SpaceChem, Infinifactory, and TIS-100.

Christopher Floyd

Christopher Floyd (Indie MegaBooth)

Christopher Floyd runs Indie MEGABOOTH, a travelling showcase of independent developers that enchants attendees at conventions across the world. Christopher’s talents include rallying herds of individual thinkers into a cohesive whole, and making great coffee. His current project is a co-working space for Seattle game developers, Indies Workshop.

Matt Thorson (TowerFall)

Matt Thorson is an Indie Game Developer from Vancouver who is best known for creating the competitive arrow-slinger TowerFall.


Chris Bourassa

Chris Bourassa & Tyler Sigman (Darkest Dungeon)

Tyler Sigman

Chris Bourassa (@BourassaArt) is the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Red Hook Studios where he works like a maniac on Darkest Dungeon. Chris has been a professional art director and concept artist for 15 years, contributing to a wide variety of videogames, animated TV shows, and pen-and-paper games. He loves all things dark and macabre, and his favourite game is Thief 2.

Tyler Sigman (@tylersigman) is the co-founder of Red Hook Studios and the game designer of Darkest Dungeon. He's designed and produced over 15 games across video, board, and card formats. He got his start in indie development making print-and-play PDF games before the turn of the century, and correspondingly feels rather old lately.


Tommy Refenes

Tommy Refenes (Team Meat, Super Meat Boy)

Tommy Refenes is most famously known for Super Meat Boy and Indie Game The Movie. He likes programming, hates using 3rd party engines, and enjoys a challenge. About 11 years ago he saw Huey Lewis in concert.

Justin Smith

Justin Smith (Envirobear, Desert Golfing)

Justin is an indie game developer best known for the smash hits Enviro-Bear 2000 and Desert Golfing. Justin is a well known layabout in the Vancouver indie community. Seriously, we can't get rid of him.


Jeff Vogel

Jeff Vogel (Spiderweb Software)

Jeff Vogel started Spiderweb Software in 1994. Since then, he has written many indie/shareware fantasy RPGs, including the Exile, Geneforge, Avadon, and Avernum series and Nethergate: Resurrection.


Clara Sia

Clara Sia (Seriously, Clara?, Twitch Streamer)

A casual partnered variety Twitch broadcaster with a particular interest in indie and retro games. Runs a community-based channel and promotes positive expression, gamer culture, and equality. Hosts Vancouver Twitch meetups, inclusive of broadcasters, viewers, and indie devs.

Ty Taylor

Ty Taylor (The Bridge, Tumblestone)

Ty Taylor (@IMakeIndieGames) is an independent game designer and software engineer who has been making video games for over 12 years. He is best known for creating The Bridge, a puzzle game selected for the PAX 10, IGF, Indie Game Challenge, IndieCade, and more. He is now working on Tumblestone, a puzzle game selected for the PAX 10, PAX East Indie Showcase, Intel Level Up, IndieCade, and Seattle Independent Game Competition.

Kimberly Voll

Kimberly Voll (Fantastic Contraption, Radial Games)

Kim is a cognitive scientist, game developer and programmer. Lately she's been using her brain-fu to understand and create games for VR, including Fantastic Contraption. She's got a PhD in computer science and artificial intelligence, and a 1st-class honours degree in cognitive science, and has worked on many games, including ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS for Steam and PS4

Aaron Isaken

Aaron Isaksen (NYU Game Innovation Lab)

Aaron Isaksen is a PhD Candidate at the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering Game Innovation Lab, studying automated game tuning, player modeling using probability distributions and survival analysis, and data-driven computer-aided game design. He has been working in the games industry since 2003 (creating Chip Chain and other indie mobile games), is a founding partner of Indie Fund (which aims to support the growth of games as a medium by helping indie developers get and stay financially independent, is an Advisory Board member for Fig (a new crowdfunding platform for indie games), and is the Chairman of IndieBox (which offers a subscription service for physical collectors editions of digital independent games).