Call for Speakers - Closed

The speaker submissions has been received and we are in the process of finalizing the selection. Stay tune for the announcement soon.


For examples of past talks, please see the below list of 2015 Full Indie Summit speakers. 

Zach Barth (Valve), Developing room-scale VR games

Christopher Floyd (Indie MegaBooth), Submissions and Indie MEGABOOTH 

Matt Thorson (TowerFall), Friendly Fire: Designing TowerFall

Tyler Sigman & Chris Bourassa (Darkest Dungeon), The Heart of Darkness

Tommy Refenes (Super Meat Boy), Friendship, Partnership, and Hardship: Mixing friendship and business.

Justin Smith (Envirobear, Desert Golfing), The Bear Necessities

Jeff Vogel (Spiderweb Software), Pricing, Sales, and Bundles: Building a Sustainable Business.

Clara Sia (Seriously, Clara?, Twitch Streamer), Twitch + Indie Devs = <3

Ty Taylor (The Bridge, Tumblestone), The Art and Science of Procedural Puzzle Generation

Kimberly Voll (Fantastic Contraption, Radial Games), Game design in VR

Aaron Isaksen (NYU Game Innovation Lab), Designing Better Games Using Artificial Intelligence, Automated Play Testing, and Computational Creativity