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Share your story with Indie Game Developers from around the world at Full Indie Summit 2019!

Overcame failure and made an award winning indie game?  Came up with a unique way to design games that you want to share?  Want to talk about your challenges and successes in being an indie game developer?

We're looking for independent game creators with unique, fresh, and personal stories to share at our 2019 Full Indie Summit on Saturday September 28th!

The Full Indie Summit is an annual conference that attracts more than 650 creators each year to Vancouver, BC, Canada for a day of presentations and conversations about making games. The conference is inclusive, educational, and honest. Attendees fulfill every definition of "indie" -- from one-person shops, to "Triple I" studios, to alt-game artists, to indie-curious, and everything in between.

A successful talk at the Full Indie Summit is one that, fundamentally, cuts across all disciplines. Speak to your core problem solving process, or your approach to succeeding in your vision of the future. Tell us a story about a hurdle you didn't think you could overcome, but did. Or a hurdle that you tripped over in a spectacular way. Teach us about your process!

Talks are 20 minutes in length. We encourage you to take up the full amount of time and save Q&A for the networking breaks.

Out of town speakers qualify for a small stipend to help with travel costs. All attendees, including speakers, are expected to honour Full Indie's anti-harassment policy.

Share your experiences with us this year!

The deadline for submissions is June 29th.


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